penny naquin in front of fountain

Welcome to an intimate conversation with Penny Naquin, the heart and soul behind the charming Southern Breeze Lodge. Nestled in the cozy town of Golden Meadow, Penny’s life is a rich tapestry woven with the threads of family, community, and the serene beauty of the bayou. With a tenure spanning over two decades, Penny has become more than just a figure at the lodge; she’s a pillar of warmth and familiarity, touching the lives of travelers from around the globe.

In the following Q&A, Penny opens up about the simple joys of life that keep her grounded—family and the pleasure of watching her grandbabies grow. She gives us a glimpse into her daily role, where she doesn’t just manage a lodge but curates a home-away-from-home experience for her guests. From the evolution of the property to the heartwarming stories of visitors, Penny shares her journey with the kind of authenticity that only comes from someone who truly loves what they do.


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I’m from Golden Meadow. I was born and raised here. I’ve lived here for 55 years. I have a daughter and three grandbabies, with one recent addition. I’ve been on this property for over 25 years. My customers became more as family you know, a group on I’ve known some for over 20 years. They all have my personal number, so we’re real close.

Q: What kinds of interests and hobbies do you have?

A: I love spending time with the family. My grandbabies keep me busy. I like to try to take them to visit things the like to zoo, do crafts, and things like that.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your role at Southern Breeze Lodge.

A: I manage everything. I like to make my customers as comfortable as possible. Make it simple for them. I have a lot of customers that are in and out. Some need to come in at midnight or whatever, so we’ll set them up. They always have either my work number or my personal number, just in case they get lost. I have some I look for shrimp for them because down here is a big thing with shrimp. I’ll find the boats for them I like to help them with whatever is easy for them to come in and enjoy themselves when going fishing.

Q: You’ve been on the property for 25 years. How much have you seen change over the years that you’ve worked there?

A: I’ve seen some really good changes. I know the history. [Gaubert Oil] came in and did a wonderful job. My customers love it. We have an awesome place now. We have great pavilions. They like to just go sit, sit out, hang out. There’s been a lot of positive things ever since we opened up. We recently opened the RV park.

Q: How did you get started with the Southern Breeze Lodge?

A: I was just looking to get out of the house for my daughter. I wanted to make my own money. And it just progressed to “Here’s the books…learn it.” They had a family emergency, and they asked me to help.

Q: Where do the majority of guests come from?

A: I’ve grown to enjoy my customers and talking to them. I meet people from all over the world. That’s exciting. We had a couple from Canada this fall. They rode [electric] bikes down here. They stopped and stayed here. They visited a lot of local places. They were very sweet. I couldn’t believe they rode bicycles from Canada to down here. They wanted to see what Grand Isle was about. Their bikes were amazing to see.

Q: What’s your favorite spot on the on the grounds?

A: Looking at my water pond. It’s so soothing and relaxing. And we have two barbeque pits around right there. And they watch the fish jumping. We still have a baby gator. It’s a different one now. They travel. They come and go. We just never know.

Q: In your opinion, what separates Southern Breeze Lodge from other lodges in the area?

A: Our cabins – everything’s not closed up. You know? Within walking distance, we have a convenience store on the property with anything they need. I mean we have ice. We have a restaurant on the property. We also have a bar in there. You know – it’s a one-stop shop.

Q: What comment do guests frequently offer if they talk to you upon departure or if you pass them by on the grounds?

A. They tell me how clean it is, and the beds are comfortable. And that I have a really good staff.

Q: How many people do you have on the staff that work at the lodge?

A: I have six people I manage, including me. I have my girls that clean, and I have an assistant manager that’s here in the evenings.

Q. What are some special touches that you might leave in a room?

A: I do try something special for guests. For example, I had a wedding group that came, and the husband and wife was going to stay over and me my girls pitch pitched in, and we got a bottle of champagne, you know in a couple of flowers and left on their table for them to surprise them when they got back in.

Q: Are there any times of year that are particularly great that people should visit?

A: October is usually nice. I always thought November would have been slow, but my fishermen like November for some reason. It’s not as cold you know. It’s just perfect weather.


It’s evident that Penny Naquin isn’t just managing a lodge; she’s crafting memories. Her dedication to creating a welcoming atmosphere is palpable, with personal touches that make each stay special. Whether it’s the soothing view of her water pond or the unexpected surprises for newlyweds, Penny’s attention to detail makes the Southern Breeze Lodge stand out. And with October skies calling, she beckons guests to experience the perfect weather and the unique charm that only this little slice of Louisiana can offer.